Cocooning or Homing? Or simply enjoying life?

by Paulina Schröder and Katja Gartung
Cocooning, Homing, bed, cozy, comfortable, bedroom, home

Yet again two melodious words that shall descirbe two certain ways of living. But what exactly do they mean?

The term cocooning derives from the English word cocoon, the German Kokon, and describes the biological process of insects pupating. Like this term, the trend, that came over (once more) in the early 2000ies after the terrorist attacks from 11 September 2001, stems from the USA. Cocooning originates in the 1980ies and describes the complete secluding in a small and manageable world, ones house or apartment. Like in a cocoon. As a reaction to the outside world that supposedly becomes more and more dangerous.  By secluding from the public, the homely is being paid more attention to.

The new trend that replaces the cocooning little by little, is called homing. Homing comes from the English word home, the German Zuhause. At first sight that does not significantly differ from cocooning, you would think. The home is the center of one’s life here, too.   But unlike the cocooning it does not cut a person off from social contacts. Things like having dinner outside with friends, going to the movies or social evenings in a bar shouldn’t be missed. So one invites his friends home, cooks together, watches movies or hosts a cocktail event. A pleasant side effect: One even saves money with that. Which again is often poured into the furniture for creating a generous and cozy sense of living. After all, people like to show what they have. Many pillows on the large couch and the comfortable bed, accessories and souvenirs…  anything goes.

Yes, we love our home. And expecially our bed. But do we really want to cocoon ourselves? No! And just as little do we want to restrict to circulating in our own four walls, even when we have company. We don’t love it less to walk into the office fresh as a daisy in the morning and meet our friends in the evening for a drink at the bar around the corner.  It’s nice to sleep in on the weekend. Yet it’s also nice to jump out of the bed fit and well rested, take a walk with the dog and have a yummy latte macchiato to go later on while strolling the weekly market or catch up with like-minded people to play frisbee in the nearby park. And after all – why do we need a word for everything? Even before homing became a trend one could invite friends home, cook and host film evenings and invest in a comfortable bed for a cozy sense of living.

Let’s name it: We <3 doing whatever  we’re just being up for.


Picture: Toa Heftiba/Unsplash